• The 60’s

    The 60’s

    How Quimipol was born? 

    In 1963 Josep Blanch Ferrer founded Quimipol in partnership with Poliglas and initiate   its activity in handling and processing of technical plastics. 

    The first location was at Sant Antoni Maria Claret  str. in Barcelona

    The project at first began with a team of eight people working to provide the industry of Pharmaceutical and Chemistry fans, PVC tanks and installations. At this initial period, the field of photography and graphic arts became a very important customer for the company.

  • The 70’s

    The 70’s

    Quimipol’s expansion

    Thanks to the good work and effort of the founder and his team, in 1973 Quimipol moved to larger  facilities in Barcelona.At the same time  orders from customers were increasing, the workforce grew up  to offer a closer and quality  service. Is at this stage when the anticorrosive fans of Quimipol began their road to success.

  • The 80’s

    The 80’s

    New materials and products

    It is a period of great technological advances in new materials. Therefore, the R&D department was created in 1983 for developing products with innovative materials such as PP , which increase the efficiency and performance of anticorrosive fans.

    Thanks to research anticorrosive fans  range  expands and fume hoods and fume cupboards began to be manufactured. Internationalization begins.

  • The 90’s

    The 90’s

    The internationalization 

    Again Quimipol need more space and moved to the current facilities in Sant Adria del Besos, more than 2,400m2 to continue growing. The relocation allows the production diversification acquiring the CNC equipment and to expand the offer to the chemical industry with fume cupboards, scrubbers and wet benches. Our aim to open overseas markets.

  • Present


    Innovation as a priority

    The specialization in anticorrosive fans and the closest collaboration with manufacturers of laboratory furniture developing extraction installations for its products shows

    the commitment level of QUIMIPOL to the environment.

    Currently, with a strong position in the chemical industry market both national and international, to keep our products always at the forefront, to open new markets, to innovate continuously and to satisfy the customer’s needs at present and in the future are in the daily objectives of the company.