Quality politics

QUIMIPOL we understand that the quality of service is a right of the customer, and as such, must be part of the style of the people who are part of our organization. Furthermore, the knowledge of  the Organization parties involved, the analysis of the risks when expectations are unfulfilled and the prevention of them, is part of the policy of it.

Our customer service commitment  based on proximity, technical knowledge and quality, has driven us to the adoption of a management model, certified according to ISO 9001: 2015 and to the implementation of a Quality Policy, which is based on the following premises:

  1. Knowing and meet the needs and expectations of our customers and other interested parties
  2. Applying the legal and regulatory requirements related with all the stakeholders of the  Organization
  3. Communicating to the customer, as far ahead as possible, the incidents that may occur in the provision of services and minimize the impact that these may have, as well as any risk that may affect the involved parties.
  4. Trying a continuous improvement of the efficiency of our production and management processes that allows us to be competitive because of our Quality - Price ratio.
  5. Involving our staff and suppliers, with their contributions, in the achievement of continuous improvement.

As a consequence of this approach, our efforts are oriented in different areas of action:

  • The continuous improvement of the professional training of our staff through annual training plans.
  • The improvement and constant technological innovation of our facilities to turn them into the most advanced in the sector.
  • The detection of opportunities for improvement in our Management System, through periodic reviews of the same that guarantee its permanent adequacy and suitability to the demands of an increasingly competitive market and an environment in constant evolution.
  • Quality politics