The scrubbers over fume cupboards with neutralizer have achieved to join the effectiveness of our washers with the optimal design of the fume cupboards offering a revolutionary product able to meet current  standards.

To get it, we have designed a scrubber which can be installed on the top of the fume cupboards, and is complemented with a deposit placed in the lower part.

Scrubber for flow rates of 1200-1500m³/h

Main Characteristics

  • Ideal for all types of gases
  • Compact and reduced design
  • Easy control and management
  • For flow of 1200-1500m³/h
  • Designed entirely in polypropylene (PP)
  • Adaptable to all types of windows


  • pH meter Dual Set
  • metering pump

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  • LSV-1200  

Operating System

Main Features: 

Compact Design, great capacity to adapt the equipment to the costumers needs. 

The equipment are made entirely of polypropylene (PPH), this gives them great capacity for corrosion resistance and durability.

Simple control system, requires low maintenance

  • Operating System  


Scrubber:  Width: 1200mm   Depth: 710mm   Height: 682mm

Tank:          Width: 1400mm   Depth: 500mm   Height: 500mm

-Work flow rate: 1200-1500m³/h

-Pressure lost:                         380-630 PA

The pressure drop values may differ depending the pressure and the flow rate of the selected fan.

Tank capacity:  45 l aprox.

- Tank Weight Emptyr: 55 kg

- Scrubber Weight:         70 kg

- Tank weight Full:         120 kg

  • Dimensions  

Optional Equipment

Neutralization equipment

pH control connected  with a dosing system.

This application allows to control automatically the acid levels on the tank.

The system dosing acid or alkaline to keep the circulating water in the tank with a regular pH levels

  • Optional Equipment